What is Audio Transcription?

What is audio transcription

With the increasing usage of the internet, the acceptance of content being shared on online platforms is evolving and attracting bigger scope and opportunities for the Content writing genre. While this field has been quickly emerging as a top career option for many, the fast-moving environment also demands to dive into various possibilities of the Content Writing world, "Transcription" has emerged as a top-notch choice, especially for people who are creating content for podcasts, target content for the specially abled and radio shows among many other options.

Transcription meaning can be stated as the process of transferring speech or audio into scripted dialogue, keeping the exact meaning and descriptions of the original version.

India is a brilliant choice for outsourcing job opportunities owing to the talented pool at a very reasonable rate;transcription has taken place with the contemporary Content Writing career. This practice has originally remained in the academics and learning systemsworldwide. We have seen people taking notes in the doctor's office, in colleges, in courtrooms and the list goes on. Little did we realise this could be a lucrative career option years later - thanks to the Internet revolution! Talking of such organisations, www.progressivebureau.com has been creating authentic and qualitative transcription services for Business and Academic sectors across the world with the help of the Indian talent pool

We can broadly analyse Audio Transcription into two categories - Verbatim & Clean Verbatim Transcript.

'Verbatim transcription' refers to documentation in 'word to word' style, which means all speech & utterances are included in the transcript. This practice is hugely applied in scripted media cases where it must adhere to documenting storyline/plots as-is or exact as per the speech.

Whereas 'Clean Verbatim Transcription' targets to filter unwanted or inappropriate words while capturing the speech. This type of Transcription is highly used in public speaking events and interviews.
The other possibilities of transcription include transferring digital speech to a synthesized one, and podcasts are an excellent example. This type is highly useful to specially abled residents. Thus, has further winged to intelligent transcription where the author can capture the tone (high or low) and specific expression of the speech by using special notes. Such transcriptions are a big favorite for speech and interviews

With the progress of new-age tools and artificial intelligence, audio transcription has been significantly accepted and is used on multiple platforms. It has spread its wings into Clinical Psychology, Business Communication, Academia, Advertising, Market Research, and Conferences other than the contemporary existence in legal, podcasts and films.

However, we have also witnessed the massive growth in new-age tools which provide effective audio transcription without human intervention and the corporate houses are highly investing in such apps. It includes MS O365, Webex and much more, which provides life and recorded transcription of the original speech or meeting. Keeping in mind the challenges and emerging competency toward achieving quality data, the Content writers would need to constantly elevate their knowledge and skill to remain in the audio transcription field.